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extensive tutor network

i-Learn has an extensive tutor network covering all major cosmopolitan areas, as well as regional town centres across Australia.

flexible appointment

Whether you require ongoing tuition or a short-term appointment, our partnering tutors/coaches can meet your specific requirements.

online or offline

While we encourage and facilitate face to face teaching and learning, i-Learn partnering tutors/coaches offer a selection of online courses to meet your needs.

multidisciplinary classes

i-Learn partnering tutors/coaches offer classes across a wide range of subjects/areas of expertise, including English, math, science, music, art, etc.

A tutor/class near you

The best part of i-Learn is the ability to assist you to find a tutor or class near you. 
Anytime, anywhere.

Trustworthy advice

i-Learn does not charge a commission to our tutors/coaches and therefore you can be confident that you can count on our impartial advice.

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