Featured tutors/coaches

Tarra-Lee is a passionate musician and teacher. With a degree in Music and Education she passes on her love of music to primary aged students in both classroom music and violin lessons.
Milas has been a teacher for almost ten years and focuses primarily on high school students. Working with language is something she is very passionate about.
After gaining her Master of Education (secondary school) degree, Layne taught at a public school in New South Wales for six years before she moved to Queensland.
Louise graduated from University of Queensland with a bachelor's degree in Music. After her studies she went on to work at a music studio, alongside writing and performing music regularly.
Emily Larkin is an Australian author and academic. She holds a Doctorate in Creative Writing from USC, and has tutored Writing and Communication at The University of Queensland and the University of the Sunshine Coast.
Cindy teaches in a Queensland state school as Head of English department, as well as teaching creative writing. She is passionate about the power of writing.
Ms. Kent is a primary school teacher working in the Logan area. She has been teaching for 8 years and have worked in Sydney, London, Melbourne and currently in Brisbane.
Jason is a highly qualified mathematics tutor who teaches at all levels; primary school up to a graduate diploma.
Kim has been a biology teacher in a state school for almost eight years. 'Biology offers possible answers to the many questions about existence.'
Tom graduated from the University of Sydney with a bachelor's degree in chemistry. He has a passion for the natural world and the outdoors, naturally with a keen interest in chemistry.
Ashton loves all aspects of the arts. He primarily teaches painting and sculpture but is also a tutor in photography, design, woodwork and street art.
Ms Brennan is a senior teacher of mathematics Education. She has been working in the education of mathematics since 1986. Ms Brennan has passion for understanding and improving mathematics learning.
Mr Hatton is an experienced roller-skating coach. He has been coaching roller skating since 2002 and has coached hundreds of learners. He teaches small classes as well as one-to-one coaching.
As a professional music teacher, an active performer and conductor, Miss C O'Shea enjoys singing choral and operatic repertoire as much as she does violin.

Mrs Rice is an experienced piano teacher who fosters the love of learning and musicality in her students. She is a member of the Music Teacher’s Association (member number 3286). She holds a Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Teaching and Educational Studies.